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About Watney - Vineyard Insurance Brokers
Since 1993 we have provided insurance solutions to valued clients who require clear and concise insurance products. Of utmost importance is to place the client's business where best suited, with minimum premiums and where claims will be met fairly and efficiently.

By carefully selecting our Underwriters we are able us to place proper Commercial and Domestic insurance with top quality, appropriate insurers. We also arrange a host of specialist covers such as Guest House cover, 4 x 4 Off-road cover, Travel Insurance, Professional Indemnity insurance, Public Liability, and Body Corporate cover.

We intermediate between our clients and the Insurers so that the client receives all communications in a clear and understandable manner. We highlight the main aspects of cover to our clients so that understanding becomes a simple task. To our Insurers, we provide clear and concise instructions that ensure that the policy is properly tailored to the clients needs.

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